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When most people hit retirement, their living arrangement preferences tend to change. As we age and our nests empty, comfort and decreased responsibilities become a priority in the quest for luxury living. Having paid our dues, so to speak, most seniors are ready to ditch the daily chores and hit the green instead. When you retire, your living options are plentiful and should be based on your preferences, needs, and budget.

While many choose to continue living at home and simply hire help, others opt to scale back a bit to focus on the finer things in life and avoid the hustle and bustle of living in a family neighborhood, while others yet, opt to hit the road, becoming nomads or snowbirds. Whatever you choose, just know that you’ve got options!

At Pine Hills Retirement Community, we understand that needs and preferences change over time — you aren’t at the same place in life you were 5 years ago, nor will you be at the same place in life 5 years from now! We offer retirement living options that grow and change with you. Our independent living options offer the best retirement luxury living from a golf course to fine dining and all the amenities of a resort lifestyle. For those who need more help, we also offer assisted living arrangements that include around the clock care available and engaging activities. Furthermore, we offer long-term care, memory care, and end-of-life care as needed. Once you are here, you are home for good.

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As our population grows and ages, more and more people are seeking the convenience and comfort of luxury retirement communities over staying in their homes. As space goes unused and neighborhoods become congested with growing families, many retirees long for the quiet serenity and social interaction among their peers. Making the transition to a retirement community over other retirement options has many benefits. For most, the appeal to spend most of their time engaged in leisure and social activities is the number one perk. Some added bonuses include:

  • Decreased clutter and responsibility
  • Amenities that include housekeeping, laundry, and dining services
  • Reduced need for transportation
  • Onsite activities and events
  • Access to medical services
  • Decreased social isolation
  • Ease of transition to higher levels of care

At Pine Hills Retirement Community, we take resort-style comfort to the next level by bringing the beauty and comfort of Hot Springs to our residents. Miles of walking paths in Black Hills, a top-rated golf course, on-site pool, game room, library, and hair salon, and so much more, all offer active seniors the opportunity to enjoy their golden years. Want to learn more? Schedule a tour today!

After the hustle and bustle of rearing and raising children, managing a career, and other middle life events have settled down, many seniors find themselves looking for a simpler way to live and enjoy the years they’ve worked so hard to reach. Depending on your needs, there are many different senior living options to choose from.


55+ Communities
Age-restricted apartments, condos, or housing communities offer the same luxuries as regular communities, but resident’s ages are restricted to over 55. This makes many seniors feel more comfortable and reduces the noise and traffic of family neighborhoods while offering the opportunity to encounter more people from your own generation.

Independent Living Retirement Communities
Retirement homes or senior housing communities typically provide communal dining services and light housekeeping duties, but do not offer personal care or medical services. Those living in retirement communities enjoy the convenience of facility living with their own personal space and a broader range of choices.


Assisted Living Facilities
Assisted living facilities (ALF) is a long-term care option that offers apartments or personal rooms in addition to a wide range of care services. Services may include meals, assistance with hygiene, medication, transportation, outings, activities, and therapies as needed. Assisted living is for those seniors who are mostly independent, but require more assistance and 24-hour access to care providers.

Memory Care Assisted Living
Those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease require more hands-on and specialized care to remain safe and live a fulfilling life. Memory care assisted living facilities offer a safe and secure environment with staff who has extra training in dementia care. Rooms, personal care, and activities are all centered around maximizing strengths and reducing harmful behaviors.

Nursing Homes and Skilled Nursing Facilities
Nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities (SNF) — also known as residential rehabilitation (rehab) — options are for those who require 24-hour assistance with personal or medical care options. Nursing homes, or long-term care (LTC) options include hospice options or long-term residence for those who are bedridden or incapable of caring for themselves safely. SNF facilities are typically short-term for those who are recovering from an acute injury or illness, and are not yet well enough to return home.

At Pine Hills Retirement Community, we offer many of these senior living options in one location. Our residents find it comforting and convenient that when they are here, they are home for life! If your needs change, you can rest assured that you can remain in the same retirement community with your friends, neighbors, and staff. Contact us to schedule your tour and discover your new home in Hot Springs.

Covering the costs of senior living options is one of the biggest concerns for most families. When they see the price tag on a month of living in a retirement community or assisted living facility, anxiety may soar. However, it’s important to take an accurate look at current finances and what the retirement community offers as part of the inclusive package.

Retirement community rent includes room rent (which may vary based on apartment size, geographic region, and amenities included), utilities, meals, housekeeping, basic maintenance, and more. When compared to the cost of living at home, you’ll discover they are actually quite similar, but retirement community living offers a maintenance-free lifestyle and a better opportunity to relax and socialize.

Other options for financing your retirement living include pooling family financial support from your children and other family members or looking into your social security or Medicaid options.

At Pine Hills Retirement Community, we can help you plan for your future and invest in your retirement. Connect with us to learn more!